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Time for Change – Heralding in the New

When the New Moon arrives, it’s the perfect time for heralding in the new. Time for releasing the old with gratitude and welcoming new projects. Definitely a time for taking a step in the direction you want to move in.

And that is exactly what has been happening today, with the new moon. I stood and watched the sun setting from the lounge window. It was a flaming, vibrant orb, almost like wet dye on one of my silks. Unbelievably beautiful. Quite spectacular. And as it slipped below the outline of rooftops on the horizon, the sky darkened and remained completely dark. The dark of the moon.

Such an exciting time, pregnant with potential. And I knew that today was the moment to make changes.

I had a few changes lined up and had been eying them with intrepidation as they represented a large step towards realising goals of mine which were due for fulfilment. So what did I undertake?

The first thing I did was to bring my 30 day video challenge to completion. I had taken on a commitment to produce and upload a video every day to document what was going on for me in my life and to share my insights with the viewers. I decided to publish these on my current Facebook page which was dedicated to my artwork. But having no other platform to share them on, I decided that this was the best option I had.

I was delighted with the reception they got as they were being exposed to people who had actually signed up to share my artwork with me. Daily support and feedback came flooding back to me in many forms and I was very touched by the general response, confirming that doing video was indeed something I should continue to do.

So when I reached the last day today, I had very mixed feelings. I had gathered momentum and come to love the daily ritual of putting myself out there, irrespective of what response I got. And I had been told that my videos would be missed… I knew that they couldn’t stay on the art page as they were out of alignment with the general themes. I had to take a decision and open a new page.

This page would bring focus to my work as a spiritual teacher and coach and allow me to explore all sorts of topics relating to self help, spirituality and personal power. It would allow this aspect of my work to come to the fore and no longer be overshadowed by my artwork. Now art and spiritual power would stand side by side as partners.

Tonight I launched the new page and it felt quite exhilirating to do so.

And the change continues as I put the finishing touches to the new blog, meaning I will be stepping away from and expanding my horizons.

With every new change I feel the rush of excitement, knowing that anything I am leaving behind is making space for the new. It feels as if this is the new path I am on – one of taking the steps I know intuitively will lead me to where I want to be.


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Giving up the Struggle and Connecting with Source

I’ve been inspired to write this post by my experiences of having the flu for the past two weeks. It was the first time ever and I must admit, I got quite a shock at the severity of it because I always thought it was just a bad cold. Not so.

I think the most difficult part to deal with was the coming and going of the flu symptoms and each time I thought things were beginning to improve, the next day I was flat on my back again. The whole thing was just so unpredictable and it was a big lesson in letting go and just going with what is.

Looking back on it I was really grateful for the oppportunity to spend so much time in bed and allow my thoughts to slow down and partially stop.  Because that’s a really big one for a lot of us, isn’t it? Slowing down all the chatter that’s going on in there 24/7 and finding that still space that’s underneath it all.

We’re all so busy working out thousands of things in our heads, reliving past experiences and worrying about future events that may well not happen,  that we lose sight of our real presence in the now. It’s when we slow down and make that connection in the present moment that we tune into something so much greater than ourselves. Call it what you will, your Higher Self, God, the Source of all creation. It doesn’t matter what name you give it. The important thing is that you breathe out and feel that connection. A beautiful feeling of peace and stillness.

The more time you can spend in this space during the day, the more likely you are to create space in both your mind and your life. Space for new ideas, new things, new people. And you can be sure that these inspirations you receive are coming from an inspired place.

A great starting place is to simply find somewhere quiet where you can sit or lie undisturbed. Gently cup your hands in your lap or if you are lying, fold your hands over your heart. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. Feel your breath entering and leaving your body. Allow this all to happen without trying to change it in any way. Simply be in acceptance. And enjoy the relaxation that builds with every breath.

This anchors you in the present moment. And in this state you give up all struggle and let go of distractions and worries.

This is your natural state of being. And it is an extremely powerful place to be in because nothing of your outside world can touch you in any way.

So the next time you find yourself struggling with what is happening, take a moment to bring your awareness back to the present moment. Make that inner connection and release the distractions that are creating the illusion of difficulty and struggle.

When you do this simple practice regularly, you will be amazed at how your connection with Source grows. It will enable you to slowly gain control over the runaway nature of your mind and help put you back in control. And remember that any illnesses are a golden opportunity to do this. Embrace the time you can be still and enjoy the benefits it brings you.

Have you had any illnesses where you were able to tune in and gain clarity on what was going on in your life? How do you experience the time-outs in your life? I’d love you to share your stories here.


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