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Colour Therapy: wearing green clothing (Part 2)

I wrote a little while back about the significance of wearing green clothing and promised to get back with some further thoughts on the subject.

Colour is such a fascinating subject isn’t it and I’m sure I could write a list as long as my arm of all the keywords linked with green but what I really wanted to do was give a bit more insight into how wearing this colour can affect your energy levels and what subtle effects it can have on those around you.

Green shades with fuchsia, pink, yellow, salmon and co.

Many years ago when I trained as a colour therapist we learned how to channel the different colour vibrations through hands on healing and spring green was one of the central colours we worked with. Chlorophyl is truly the juice of life and represents a potent energiser and balancer of all dis-ease. And although the other colours are categorized as either magnetic (the warming reds, oranges and yellows) or electric (all the blues and purples), green is neutral and can be used to bring things back to centre.

For this reason, many people report feeling very safe and comfortable in green as it is in a way the protector. It is a good choice for people who are recovering from illness or who have been feeling down and need a bit of a helping hand.

Some of you reading this will know a bit about the Eastern chakra system, the 7 main energy centres in our bodies. It is interesting to note that green is associated with the heart chakra, the central one and the key to higher realms as it is linked with compassion and unconditional love. But did you know that the colour pink is also linked with the heart chakra? Soft greens and pinks have similar vibrations and so you can either combine them or interchange them when choosing clothing. These shades are perfect for people who are seriously ill, maybe even terminally, as they have a very soft, soothing, heart-opening energy. For the same reason you can dress your younger children in these shades as they help them to feel safe and protected.

Generally a person wearing green clothing is likely to instill trust and confidence in the people he or she is dealing with as it is non-threatening and induces a feeling of calm.

I’ve found through my silk painting that all sorts of green shades do indeed harmonise with all sorts of other shades. There don’t seem to be any hard and fast rules.  I personally love touches of pink and fuchsia intermingled with soft greens. I know from feedback from many of you that you also like to experiment and have favourite green/other colour combinations ranging from peaches, pinks, salmon, blues, purples and many more. Your own colouring and personality will determine what you can carry off and what you need to avoid.

And there’s one last thing I wanted to share with you on this topic. Various shades of green are  linked with wealth and affluence. So if you tend to wear a lot of green, it could be a sign that you feel comfortable handling and managing your money or indeed are a good manifester of wealth. Maybe this is something to think about next time you want to go and ask your bank manager for a loan. Instil a bit of confidence in him by wearing a smart green blouse or shirt. Definitely worth a try.

I was wondering if you had had any experiences of using green in any particular way and had noticed clear results. I’d love to hear about it so do leave your comments in the box below.


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Chakra Mandalas as Greeting Cards

While I lived in Glastonbury a few years back, I created a series of 7 chakra mandala paintings which I never really got round to ‘launching’  in any way. Those of you who are artists will know exactly what I am talking about. You have this urge to keep creating new art, yet don’t always have an outlet for it. So it tends to accumulate and pretty soon you run out of wall space. I don’t know about you, but my house is well-adorned with framed mandalas of every hue. Upstairs, downstairs, through the hallway….

So, back to the chakra mandalas…I had them photographed and began to post images of them but never took any steps to try and market them in any way. Until recently that is. I posted them on RedBubble and then on my Silk & Art Facebook page. And it was then that I decided to do a small run of them as greeting cards to see what sort of reception they got. The good news is that they are being received very gracefully. 🙂

So I shall continue to sell them in sets of 7 for the time being as laser prints in small runs at a time. It is only when the sales reach a certain number that I take the plunge and get lithographic printing done for a large run of a minimum of 1,000 per design.

But things are fine like this for the time being. I wanted to share with you that I now have a listing for the set of 7 chakra mandala

Fiona Stolze Set of Chakra Mandala Cards

Set of Chakra Mandala Greeting Cards

greeting cards on my Etsyshop. If you’d like to have some, pop over and have a look:

And I can hear some of you wondering what on earth chakras are….Well, chakras are energy centres in our bodies, like wheels of spinning energy. There are 7 main ones, linked to different areas of our body and associated with different colours, organs and key issues. So contemplating these images can help to restore any imbalances and energise us in those areas where our energy has become sluggish and blocked.

In a nutshell these are the correspondences: red is the base of the spine linked with issues of stability and security; orange is the sacral chakra linked to relationships and sexuality; the solar plexus is yellow and associated with will power; green is the heart energy connected with unconditional love and acceptance; sky blue is for the throat and expression of personal truth; indigo is the third eye connected with deep insights and understanding; and amethyst or purple is connected with the crown, a sense of oneness with all that is.

One way that you can use these cards is to contemplate a particular chakra and colour to enhance that quality in your life. For example, if you are feeling insecure, red (the base chakra) can energise that area and dissolve the imbalances you are experiencing.

Always go with your gut feeling to find out what colours will benefit you. And allow their energy to harmonise your life.

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