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How to Paint One of Those Lovely Little Silk Window Pictures in a Flash

As many of you who have seen my work will know, I am rather fond of those lovely little round silk window pictures. They really are so handy as presents and relatively easy to work with.

I just wanted to share with you a few tips on creating your own beautiful works of art using one of these premade silk discs. Some of you have asked me how I manage to glue the silk onto the metal hoop. Truth is, I don’t make these myself at all. They are ready to buy in most craft and hobby stores that sell silk painting supplies. You can

Double happiness silk window picture by fiona stolze

Double happiness silk window picture

get them in different diameters but the size I prefer to work with is the 15cm (6″) one.

Okay, let’s look at the technicalities of painting one. First of all, I only use the silk paints on these, not the dyes. And that’s for one very important reason. You’re going to find it very difficult to roll one of these up in your professional steamer. In fact, it’s pretty impossible.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the use of gutta. I would strongly recommend using metallic or coloured gutta, as it’s easier to use one that stays on the silk. If you try using clear gutta, it could be very tricky to wash it out. Wetting the silk could cause the glue to dissolve and this would mean the silk detaching from the hoop which is something you really don’t want to happen.

You might now be asking yourself how on earth you fix the paints on the disc. I’ve just told you that you can’t steam the disc due to the shape, but isn’t it hard to iron the disc, too? Yes, that’s a difficult one as well. So we’re not going to bother with the iron. All you need to do it give the picture a blast for 2-3 minutes with the hairdryer. Keep rotating it as you go. This will fix both the gutta and the paint.

When you’ve finished, remember to attach a thin thread at the top so that you can hang the picture up. And there you are, ready to go.

The one you see here is a stylised Chinese symbol used in feng shui called Double Happiness. It’s one that is traditionally given to the bride and groom at weddings, or couples who are getting engaged to be married. It can also be hung in the relationship corner of your home to attract a new partner if you are solo or used to enhance any existing relationship you have.

I’ve just had a great thought. How about enhancing creating double happiness in your home by silk painting with your partner. Give it a try. It could be a lot of fun. 🙂

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The Million Dollar Silk Painting

Some of you may recognise this painting from a post I made quite a few months ago. It was entitled “How to Stretch Your Silk Painting on a Canvas in 10 Easy Steps”. I wanted to bring it out again into the limelight to show it off a little bit because it’s quite a talisman in actual fact.

Silk Painting of a Million Dollar Note

I painted it in collaboration with my husband who fancied having a million dollar note. He created the design and I painted it. It was then stretched onto a chunky canvas and now it hangs in our hallway as a money attractor. Excellent Feng Shui. Very auspicious. Especially when you hang it in the finances corner of your home. 🙂

And the great news now is that you, too, can have your very own money attractor hanging in your own home. This picture is for sale, either as a completed mounted silk picture, or as a ready silk panel which you can then mount on your own frame at home. This second option saves you money on shipping.

To order your silk picture just contact me: million dollar silk painting

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