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I’m Making Little Ring Pillows From Lovely Silks

I’ve started a new project. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and somehow never got round to it. Now I know that this is basically a silk painting blog, but bear with me when I tell you that this first prototype is actually made of ready-made silks.

fiona stolze hand made silk ring pillow

Peachy-pink silk ring pillow

I used some really lovely embroidered silk for the top and the underneath is made with a shimmering dupioni silk. For those of you who don’t like feathers, this little pillow is stuffed with 100% hypo-allergenic material which makes it really healthy and safe. It ‘s also great because it really is feather-light and this makes it easy and cheap to send through the post.

You can see I added two little hearts on the band in gold gutta and then a slim ribbon attached by a little pearl bead.

Unfortunately the photo doesn’t really do it justice. The silk is a gorgeous peachy-salmony colour which has turned into dusty-pink here.

Well, I got inspired putting this together, that I got busy today making the first pillows from handpainted silk. I found some very lovely jacquard silk I bought as an off-cut from a bridal shop and added some very pastelly blues and turquoises.  When these panels are steamed, I’ll be adding some matching dupioni to finish them off.

My thoughts, of course, are already on the next pillows. I think it would

Jacquard silk painted pink

be a great idea to go back to my beloved satin silk and create mini mandalas, first of all just the gold on the plain silk. I may then go on to explore with one or two colours but keep them simple so as not to compete with everything else that is going on. 🙂

I hope you like these little projects. If you do, please leave a comment and let me know. I always love to receive your feedback. The first model is already proudly on offer on Etsy. You can see it here: Silk Ring Pillow on Etsy

And of course, if you’d like to see me make or try out any specific design or colour scheme, just suggest it to me. I love new challenges.

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Chakra Mandalas as Greeting Cards

While I lived in Glastonbury a few years back, I created a series of 7 chakra mandala paintings which I never really got round to ‘launching’  in any way. Those of you who are artists will know exactly what I am talking about. You have this urge to keep creating new art, yet don’t always have an outlet for it. So it tends to accumulate and pretty soon you run out of wall space. I don’t know about you, but my house is well-adorned with framed mandalas of every hue. Upstairs, downstairs, through the hallway….

So, back to the chakra mandalas…I had them photographed and began to post images of them but never took any steps to try and market them in any way. Until recently that is. I posted them on RedBubble and then on my Silk & Art Facebook page. And it was then that I decided to do a small run of them as greeting cards to see what sort of reception they got. The good news is that they are being received very gracefully. 🙂

So I shall continue to sell them in sets of 7 for the time being as laser prints in small runs at a time. It is only when the sales reach a certain number that I take the plunge and get lithographic printing done for a large run of a minimum of 1,000 per design.

But things are fine like this for the time being. I wanted to share with you that I now have a listing for the set of 7 chakra mandala

Fiona Stolze Set of Chakra Mandala Cards

Set of Chakra Mandala Greeting Cards

greeting cards on my Etsyshop. If you’d like to have some, pop over and have a look:

And I can hear some of you wondering what on earth chakras are….Well, chakras are energy centres in our bodies, like wheels of spinning energy. There are 7 main ones, linked to different areas of our body and associated with different colours, organs and key issues. So contemplating these images can help to restore any imbalances and energise us in those areas where our energy has become sluggish and blocked.

In a nutshell these are the correspondences: red is the base of the spine linked with issues of stability and security; orange is the sacral chakra linked to relationships and sexuality; the solar plexus is yellow and associated with will power; green is the heart energy connected with unconditional love and acceptance; sky blue is for the throat and expression of personal truth; indigo is the third eye connected with deep insights and understanding; and amethyst or purple is connected with the crown, a sense of oneness with all that is.

One way that you can use these cards is to contemplate a particular chakra and colour to enhance that quality in your life. For example, if you are feeling insecure, red (the base chakra) can energise that area and dissolve the imbalances you are experiencing.

Always go with your gut feeling to find out what colours will benefit you. And allow their energy to harmonise your life.

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A Silk Cushion for Valentine’s Day

I’ve been working hard at creating new silks in my workshop and the latest creation is a pink satin silk cushion with a mottled bright red heart in the centre, with gold gutta lines. And to top it all off, it comes wrapped up a lovely white gift box and fuchsia ribbon. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It won’t wilt within a week and is guaranteed not to add a single ounce to your weight.

Valentine's Day silk cushion

The cushion measures approx. 39cm x 39cm and has a satin silk hand-painted front panel. The reverse is made from beautiful dupioni silk with a zip. The cushion can be supplied within the UK with a feather pad and wrapped up in a white gift box with a satin fuchsia ribbon. For those of you who live further afield, you have the additional option of ordering it just as a cushion cover. This makes it so much easier to send and hugely cuts down on shipping costs.

Reverse of Valentine's Day silk cushion

The price for the Valentine’s Day silk cushion is £65 including the pad, box and ribbon plus p+p. The cushion cover only option costs £56 plus p+p. Boxed cushions are sent by a 2-day courier service.

Additional FREE option: you can have any short message added to the cushion. Or why not have your loved one’s name written in gold across the heart for that really personal touch. Please specify this when ordering.

To order: please contact me at

Silk & Art gift box

If you’d like to order one for February 14th, I will need to know by February 5th at the latest.

However, why limit yourself to Valentine’s Day? If you’d like one at any time for a romantic occasion, a dear friend or to pamper yourself, please just get in touch with me and let me know your needs.

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Mandala Greeting Cards – fabulous low prices

Selection of Silk & Art mandala greetings cards available

Selection of Silk & Art mandala greetings cards available

We’ve got a great selection of mandala greeting cards available to you from Silk & Art. On the front of each one is one of my mandala silk paintings. The cards are left blank inside for your own message which makes them really adaptable for any occasion. Each card comes complete with a white envelope inside a poly bag.

You can buy these in packs of 12 which contain one of each mandala design:

£15 plus p+p to UK, Europe and the rest of the world (approx. $23.00 + pp)

You can buy these cards now securely through Paypal from the Silk & Art website or the Silk & Art Etsy shop.

All wholesale enquiries are very welcome from shops, healing centres, therapists, etc. Please contact us for details through Silk & Art at

If you’d like to see some of this mandala art featured on a video I posted on YouTube, please go to Mandalas on Silk.

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Chartres Labyrinth in Blue – 1 of a Series of 6 Mandala Pictures on Silk

The mandala pictured here is one of a series of 6 silk pictures currently sold through Silk & Art . Its measurements are 50cm x 50cm x 4cm. A digital photo is taken of my original silk painting and the image is then printed onto satin silk, the same quality I paint my original silk mandalas on. These silk images are then carefully hand-embellished with gold gutta to give them a real touch of authenticity with a look and feel identical to the original. When dry, the image is then hand-stretched over a sturdy artist’s canvas to make it 3-D and also to give the front surface great stability. A woven designer label is attached to the bottom right-hand edge.

The great advantage of these quality prints is that they are extremely light resistant and can be dabbed clean when splashed. All inks used in the printing process are non-toxic.

These beautiful mandalas can be displayed as an enhancement to your living or work space in any way you choose. They pictures are timeless and universal in their application and will inspire you with their uplifting energy.

This image show the Chartres Labyrinth in Blue. A further 5 designs are available and can be seen on the Silk & Art website.

At present these silk pictures can be delivered within 28 days as each one is made specifically to order.

The parcel is then delivered via a 2-day courier service direct to the address you give us.

We now personally sell these products and others direct to our customers through our new website.

Please contact us for all further details and we will be happy to assist you.

Price per picture: £85  plus courier costs.

All payments are effected safely through PayPal. No account with PayPal is necessary for this method and you will not incur any charges.

Please contact us if you have any other questions and we will be very happy to help you out.

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