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New Mandala Silk Painting Workshop Date in February 2011

There’s good news for those of you who’d like to try out silk painting  in the cosy atmosphere of a small workshop. I’d love it if you could come along and join in. And here are the details:

Day: Saturday, 12th February

Time: 10am – 4pm

Where: private address in Bristol. Details on registration

Cost: £50.00

Here’s a link to the FB event page where you can find a bit more info about what we’ll be doing:

Silk & Art Silk Painting  Event

I have posted some more detailed information about these Mandala Silk Painting Workshops here on this site, so be sure to check it out.


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What Silk Painting Topic Would You Love Me to Write About?

It’s great to get feedback from all of you lovely readers. Often I get emails thanking me for specific help I have given on the various topics looked at in this blog. Wherever I can, I like to deal with queries here in this space so that the maximum number of readers can benefit from what I write.

But today I have some questions for all of you. So that I can maximise the help I give you in your silk painting adventures, it makes sense to know on a regular basis what it is that you are wanting to hear about and know more on. And here we go:

What would you most like me to write posts about in order to give you ongoing support in silk painting?

What particular issues do you have the most difficulty with in silk painting and which ones almost put you off keeping going – please share these with me.

Is there anything in my particular area of expertise that you would like me to share with you in this space?

I would love to hear from you below. Please add any comments you have, ask any questions you may have and make any suggestions you’d like to. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can.

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Silk Scarf Painting Workshop

Good news. At last I’m going to be offering a silk painting workshop in which you will be creating your own silk scarf. We will be using the microwave to make the whole process very quick and easy. You won’t be using a frame. Instead we will work with the silk flat on the table on plastic sheeting.

It will be a 3 hour session with mess and fun and at the end of it your scarf will be fixed for you to take home with you. Each workshop will be held with a minimum of 4 participants. If you know of 3 or more other people who would love to do this with you, why not contact me and organise your own workshop?

Evening dates: these events will run from 7pm – 10pm

Day-time dates:  these events will run from 10am – 1pm

Cost: £32.00  including a rolled edge scarf and dyes

Venue: Downend, Bristol – details on registration

HOW TO REGISTER: just email me at telling me you are interested in my silk scarf painting workshop and from there we can sort out all other details.

Looking forward to meeting you and having some fun.

p.s. Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting in a mess. 🙂

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What a Beautiful Silk Mandala Cushion

You know, I firmly believe that there is a blossoming artist latent within each and every one of us. I see this confirmed every time people who have no previous experience come to me and create amazing art work.

I wanted to share this great example of what a class participant can achieve with complete trust in the process sprinkled with the willingness to let their inner artist speak out. This lovely cushion was painted by Penny Lawrence who was completely new to the concept of silk painting with resist. I guided both her and Amelia Fo through the process of using gold gutta to create the bones of the mandala and then afterwards they allowed their intuition to show them the colours that would allow their design to come to the fore.

Since we were only working for one day, we managed to speed up the natural drying process of the gutta using hairdryers. Under ideal conditions you would leave the gutta to dry overnight. As the dyes were applied, the beautiful designs really came to life. Afterwards I rolled the pieces of artwork

Amelia and Penny applying their gold gutta designs

up in paper and placed them in the electric steamer for a 3 hour bath to fix the dyes permanently into the silk. This makes them light and water resistent and gives the dyes a beautiful radiance. Penny chose to have her mandala panel made into a cushion with a dupioni back panel with zip.

It’s always fascinating to see how totally different all the mandalas are that the students create. Each one tells its own story and expresses a completely different energy all of its own. When you begin to look into the colours and the shapes, you can start to understand what the image is trying to say and see that it is a mirror image of your self.

Amelia Fo painting her mandala

I think you’ll agree with me that the end results are more than pleasing. And I know that Pennyand Amelia think so too. 🙂

I have posted a few more photographs of these two ladies at work on the Facebook Silk & Art page which you can find here. Just scroll down until you find the relevant post.

If you’d like to join me to create your own mandala, please have a look at the details on the Silk Painting Workshop Dates page.

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Mandala Friends Gallery – February 2010

This month we only had one submission of mandala artwork and this month it wasn’t the mandala template from the newsletter. It was sent in by Michele Drivon, an Alexander Technique teacher from the North Carolina area who was inspired to paint her own mandala.

Mandala painting by Michele Drivon, USA

Michele receives a 20% discount on a pack of mandala cards, a mandala cushion cover or a mandala panel to be sttetched on a frame. Here is her painting for you to enjoy and hopefully it will inspire you to send in your artwork for March’s edition. Enjoy Michele’s work and happy painting.

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Mandala Friends’ Gallery – January 2010

Welcome to the Mandala Friends Gallery, January 2010. For some background information on what this is about, please have a look at the Mandala Friends page.

Here are the entries that were submitted this month. They are from 3 school boys who attend the State Middle School for Boys in beautiful Lindau down at Lake Constance (Bodensee) in the south of Germany. Their names are Pascal, Nico and Markus, and they are in class 6b. Their teacher is Nicole Schielin. It was Nicole who gave the boys the mandala to colour in school and then sent them on to me in Bristol. Thanks to all of you. Some mandala cards are on their way to Germany as a thank you for taking part and setting the ball rolling.

Enjoy the artwork.

Marcus' Mandala - class 6b

Nico's' Mandala - class 6b

Pascal's Mandala - class 6b

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Silk Painting Workshop Dates

Here are the details of the different types of workshops that I offer:


Introduction to Silk Painting

Date: Saturdays – date to be fixed: please contact me on if interested

Start: 10am until 4pm

Cost: £55.00  including materials

As the space only allows for 4 participants per workshop at present, I will create an event around 4 people who register.

I will be teaching some basic techniques and we will work with simple templates to create a beautifully vivid silk painting.


…And for those of you who would like a bit of a creative challenge I am offering this workshop:

Create Your Personal Mandala on Silk

Date:  Saturdays – please contact me at if you are interested in taking part in one of these events

Time: 10am – 4pm (approx.)

Cost: £55.00 incl. materials

I will only be teaching 4 participants at one time in this event. In the event of extra applicants, I will be offering an alternative date.

In this workshop we will be discussing the concept of mandalas and creating our personal image as a powerful focal point for meditation or simply as a beautiful adornment of your living space.


Make Your Own Silk Scarf

Please follow this link for all the details.


Stage Your Own Silk Scarf Party

I am now available to be hired out for silk painting parties. Invite a handful of friends and have fun creating your own designer silk scarf which we will microwave and then you’re ready to go. As easy as that and lots of fun. Please contact me for more details.


Individual Silk Painting Tuition

You can come to me to have individual tuition and learn the basic skills of silk painting. We will explore the use of colour, resist, salt technique and more. You will create your own work of art to take home and enjoy.

One full day from 10am – 4pm (approx.): cost including materials and lunch is £210.00

Two full days from 10am – 4pm (approx.): cost including materials and lunch is £395.00

Please contact me at if you are interested in registering and we can discuss all further details.


To register for any of these workshops, please apply to:

I look forward to working with you.

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Brand New Slide Show of my Mandala Silk Paintings

I’ve been asked by many of you who have visited my website where all my mandala silk paintings are.

The focus has been on the silk cushions, pictures and cards but I realise now that lots of people have been expecting to be able to browse in the gallery and see the artwork I have been doing over the past few years.

So…. in response to that, Michael has kindly put together quite an extensive slide show which you can enjoy at your leisure. There’s a pause button, with forwards and backwards so you can take time to look at your favourite mandalas.

Just follow this link to the page on the website and remember to come back here afterwards and leave any comments you have. The first button is for the new extensive slide show and underneath that is the YouTube film, the older, much shorter one we did to music several months ago.

Slide Show of my Mandala Silk Paintings

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care and enjoy.


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I offer a special service of creating your own individual mandala on silk. This personalised mandala painting serves as a strong focal point in your home or workspace, depending on where you choose to hang it. The mandala is implemented in many forms of therapy to enable the client to find an easy way of expressing inner conflicts which are deeply buried and cannot find expression in words, thus overcoming huge barriers within a short time.

Mandalas are also excellent focal points for meditation which enhances peace of mind and eases problem-solving with whole-minded brain activity. Meditation is also an ideal way to calm the mind, reduce stress levels, bring clarity into your every-day life and to further inspire you to greater creativity.

Your personal mandala is a reflection of your soul with colour vibrations tailored to uplift and inspire you at all times, harmonising and balancing at all times.

When you commission me to paint your own unique mandala on silk, we discuss the basic colours to be incorporated, ones you particularly resonate with, and then I create your mandala in flow with your energy.

Please allow around 30 days for completion of a standard mandala (approx. 40m x 40cm). Large mandalas (approx. 90cm x 90cm are very work intensive and can take up to 2 months for completion.

Your completed artwork is carefully packaged, rolled up in a secure postal tube for safe transport. I am there to give you advice on how to back, mount and frame your mandala.

Double Happiness cushions as a wedding gift

Double Happiness cushions as a wedding gift

Please contact me personally either by e-mail at info (at) silkandart (dot) com or by phone at +44 (0)7873348933 to discuss all further details. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Fiona Stolze’s Mandalas on Silk

When I recently attended one of Dr. Demartini’s events in Dublin I learned something which was to make a very deep impact on me. What you appreciate, appreciates.

In the days following this event I began to take some time to see where I was appreciating what I had in my life. I made extensive lists of everything I felt appreciation for in all areas and wrote them out so that I could look over them again and again, really tapping into that energy. And of course, I knew that I appreciated my mandala artwork which was hanging all over our home, bathing it in vibrancy and colour. Or was I really appreciating it fully? I went up into my attic studio and suddenly realised that there was so much more I could do to allow my mandalas to share their love and vibrancy. I discovered too many of my paintings stacked up against the walls and shelves, hiding themselves away, ashamed that there hadn’t been enough wall space for them all.

So I began a fascinating exercise which Dr. Demartini had shared with us. I created my “Gallery of Wealth”. I photographed each individual mandala and made a file of it, including its title, dimensions, when it was painted and the value I put on it. 🙂 Each sheet was printed out in full colour and popped into a polypocket within the gallery.

Slowly I built my collection until I had my album full. Suddenly each piece of artwork took on a different look. My appreciation of them was bringing about an appreciation of their worth in quite an amazing way.

It is so true that the universe is just waiting for us to declare our worth. When we can stand up and proudly declare our magnificence, fearlessly shining as a beacon of light, the universe envelops us in love and even more light, allowing us to explode in beauty and gratitude, inspiring others to greatness.

I would like to share with you a video of some of my mandalas, allowing them to speak for themselves, inspiring you to share your magnificence, too.

The beautiful music is “Gates of Morpheus”by Amethystium. Well worth checking out. I love their music.


With love

Fiona x

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Here are some lovely photos from the group that came together on June 28th to the silk painting mandala workshop. We had an amazing age range, as there was one daughter, mother and grandmother group who all came and had fun for the first time together.

The energy everyone created together was quite amazing and the end results were stunning. It’s truly a joy to see what participants create, especially those who have never painted before. Every single person has the ability within them to create beautiful artwork when given the right circumstances. See for yourself.

We spent the first part of the day talking about colours in general, their characteristics and how they go together. We then spoke about the silk and how the dyes worked on the fabric. Next we slowly created our basic mandala designs on the silk using gold gutta which we left to dry while we had a spot of lunch. After lunch we got started on the actual painting itself, applying the silk dyes with watercolour

brushes. You never really know before hand exactly what your painting is going to look like and there are so many different techniques you can use to create your work of art.

In this workshops we used effect salts on the background to break up the fields of colour and give lovely sprinkly, marbled effects.

Everyone left their artwork with me to be steamed in the next few days and then they received them by post a few days later. The fixed silk can be stretched on a backing board and then mounted and framed as desired. A big thank you to all of the wonderful artists who took part, particularly to Sarah-Beth our youngest participant, who is 10 years old.

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Silk Painting Mandala Workshops

MANDALA POWER: Create Your Own Personal Mandala

A Silk Painting Workshop with Fiona Stolze

Current dates available: Saturday

Venue: Bristol – details given on registration.

Time: 10am – approx. 4pm

Cost: £50 including materials. Light lunch included.

Come and join in with this day workshop of silk painting and high creativity. I will be introducing you to the concept of the mandala as a tool for focussing and calming your mind. Mandala originates from Sanskrit and means ‘mystical circle’.

Each workshop will take place in a small group and so you can be sure of lots of personal attention and guidance.

We’ll start by me sharing some basic colour information and then you will learn some basic silk painting techniques using gutta (resist), silk dyes and salt. You’ll then start to create your own personal mandala on satin silk with my help. This will be purely your own unique expression. During the day I’ll be chatting to you about colours and their different and giving you lots of hints and tips along the way. Your power mandala will reveal itself to you moment by moment: a unique piece of artwork to be treasured.

I’d like to warmly welcome both complete beginners as well as those of you who have painted on silk before. Come and participate in this workshop as no previous experience is necessary at all. The process is gentle and powerful and you will find that the vibrancy of the colours effortlessly draws out the artist within you.

I will send your artwork on to you by post after I have steam-fixed the dyes. This process lends the silk a translucent sheen and intensifies the vibrancy of the colours.

You don’t need to bring any materials with you as everything provided during this workshop. Tea, coffee and water will be available. We will take a short lunch break at around 1pm.

Pre-booking is essential.

If you’d like to register, please get in touch as soon as possible. I look forward to having you with us. 🙂

Email me at and put  Silk Painting Workshop in the subject line – thank you.

**I run regular workshops. Please leave your details with me so that I can contact you with future dates.

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