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Important Notification: Upgrade to private server

Great news. From today my blog will be on a new server. You will be able to reach me at:


I am putting a redirect in place today so that all of you who have been following me via subscription and all others who read my posts will easily find your way to the new site.

I’m really sorry that I’m going to have to ask you all to resubscribe as the transfer does not include the subscription list.

On the new site you will be able to tweet and share my posts on FB, as well as follow me on either of these two sites.

I look forward to having you with me on the new site and hope to see you very soon.





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Hurrah! We’re Going to be Moving over to a New Blog Any Day Now!

I’ve been working on creating a new blog on and the great news is that I will be making the changeover any day now. It should happen quite smoothly and for the first while I will continue to have this one in place so that you can be forwarded to the new one.

When it happens I will make the announcement and encourage all of you lovely people who have subscribed to my blog to come over to the new one and resubscribe so that you continue to be kept up to date.

The new site will give me quite a bit more flexibility so I am doing this for professional reasons.

I so hope you’ll make the move with me and look forward to seeing you over there very soon.

Thanks for reading.

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