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About Fiona Stolze

My name is Fiona Stolze and I’d like to thank you for visiting my site today.  You’re probably curious to know a bit more about me and the work I do, so here’s a bit of background to my teaching, coaching and artwork.

I was born and grew up in Scotland and always knew I wanted to be a teacher, even from a very early age and so it was very natural for me to go to university and take a teaching degree to get me started on that path. I have always been a real people person and have loved assisting others in working through issues and seeing the bigger picture.

In my twenties life took me off to Germany for 18 years where I not only got married and had my 3 children amidst working in various jobs, but went on a roller coaster of life experiences that stretched me beyond belief: these included several car crashes and major illnesses which brought me back down to earth with a bump, tuning in to what was really important in life. It was just after my father died of cancer that I packed up and moved to Glastonbury to start on a spiritual quest which I continue to this day.

I realised really early on that I didn’t enjoy conventional teaching and that my heart and calling lay elsewhere. I began to focus more on working closely with other people and took several courses that gave me the skills to coach others and facilitate self development workshops. I also trained in alternative therapies and hands on healing. Meditation had become a daily practice, one I hugely valued due to the clarity and inner guidance it gave me. I continued to coach people, mostly women, and loved the deep insights that each of these sessions gave me.

But the huge turning point came for me when I became very ill for a long period in Ireland and was given what I like to call ‘a second chance’. My weight plummeted, I had terrifying panic attacks and body pains and I lost the will to live. And yet when I hit the floor, there was nowhere else to go and nothing else to do but surrender.   Sometimes it takes those dark nights of the soul to really waken us up to see and appreciate why we are here. An amazing experience during this time brought me back with a jolt and gave me the chance to affirm that I did indeed love my life, that I had a mission to fulfil and there was work to be done.

Looking back I am so grateful to know that I was able to go to the depths of my terror and return again with renewed strength. It has given me so much more trust and certainty that there is nothing in this life that we cannot overcome. For the truth of the matter is that your destiny lies completely within your own hands. When you come to realise that it is alone your choices that determine what turn your life takes, things begin to take on a totally new meaning and you start to discover the amazing power you have within you.

Today I work with people like you, helping you to find that strength within yourself.  I believe that no matter what is going on for you in your life, there is always one small but powerful step you can take right now to start the process of taking you to where you want to be. My commitment to you is to help you find and take that step and support you in tapping into your own inner power. I am here to inspire you to shine.

To book an appointment with me by phone, Skype or in person, please contact me on:

For silk mandala commissions and other artwork, please look at:


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