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The Million Dollar Silk Painting

Some of you may recognise this painting from a post I made quite a few months ago. It was entitled “How to Stretch Your Silk Painting on a Canvas in 10 Easy Steps”. I wanted to bring it out again into the limelight to show it off a little bit because it’s quite a talisman in actual fact.

Silk Painting of a Million Dollar Note

I painted it in collaboration with my husband who fancied having a million dollar note. He created the design and I painted it. It was then stretched onto a chunky canvas and now it hangs in our hallway as a money attractor. Excellent Feng Shui. Very auspicious. Especially when you hang it in the finances corner of your home. 🙂

And the great news now is that you, too, can have your very own money attractor hanging in your own home. This picture is for sale, either as a completed mounted silk picture, or as a ready silk panel which you can then mount on your own frame at home. This second option saves you money on shipping.

To order your silk picture just contact me: million dollar silk painting


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